Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Shocking Marriage Revelation: Armaan weds Abhira

Vidya confronts Armaan about his secret marriage. He claims he didn’t betray her, but she accuses him of hiding the truth. Armaan confesses to marrying Abhira today, leaving everyone stunned. Vidya questions his absence from his own brother’s wedding for this sudden marriage. His uncle reveals it was a secret ceremony performed by a renowned lawyer.

Kaveri, furious, declares the end of her relationship with Armaan. Rohith tries to intervene, but she shuts him down. Vidya lashes out at him, claiming he shouldn’t interfere. Kaveri blames Abhira, calling her a “spoiler brat.” Abhira denies accepting this title, prompting Manisha to suggest assigning it to their uncle instead.

Manoj insults Abhira, calling her a gold digger who transformed from resort owner to daughter-in-law overnight. Abhira defends herself, claiming the circumstances forced her hand. He dismisses her explanation and accuses her of trapping Armaan. Abhira appeals for understanding, but they remain skeptical.

Armaan interjects, defending Abhira’s honor and reminding everyone that she saved his life. He reveals how she was shot while protecting him and worried about her daughter on her deathbed. Vidya questions the need for marriage if he felt responsible for her. He argues that he couldn’t refuse her dying wish and emphasizes the importance of family respect.

Kaveri refuses to accept Abhira, calling her a useless girl. Her son counters, declaring Abhira as Armaan’s wife and the rightful “Lakshmi” of the house. He instructs Kajal to perform the Grahpravesh ceremony. Abhira is hesitant, but the ceremony proceeds.

Vidya, still upset, leaves. Abhira reminisces about Armaan’s encouragement to pursue her education and become a lawyer, reminding herself that she’s just a guest in this house.

Mistakes mar the ceremony: Abhira accidentally kicks the rice pot, mirroring Ruhi’s previous blunder. A tortoise statue falls, echoing the incident with Abhira’s gift to Armaan. Despite the mishaps, they receive blessings from Kajal.

Manisha assures Abhira of their eventual acceptance. Abhira’s cousins warmly welcome her. Rohith suggests letting her rest. Vidya expresses disbelief over Armaan’s betrayal to Kaveri, who remembers Abhira’s insults.

Rohith defends Abhira, emphasizing her role as Armaan’s wife and Akshara’s savior. He reminds them of Abhira’s sacrifice and proposes a grand welcome instead of animosity. Kaveri remains opposed, but Kajal’s husband intervenes, followed by his mother. Armaan and Abhira retire to their room, unaware of Ruhi’s watchful gaze.

Precap: Ruhi confronts Armaan about his alleged lie, and he asserts his refusal to exploit someone’s death.

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