Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Dadi and Sanjay discussing their plan to prevent Abhira from staying as Armaan’s wife. Dadi emphasizes the importance of their values and sees Abhira as a threat. Sanjay assures her that he will handle Rohit, but they need to act quickly before the “love spark” turns into a fire.

Meanwhile, Abhira looks at Armaan’s family photos and feels overwhelmed. Armaan tries to comfort her, but she is still grieving the loss of her mother. She cries out for her mother, and Ruhi also sits crying, unable to reach Abhira by phone.

Rohit video calls his family and expresses his frustration about feeling sidelined since Ruhi’s arrival. Surekha jokes, while Suwarna worries about Ruhi not answering her calls. Rohit claims that he has no value in the house and threatens to pack his bags. Manish assures him that it’s his house, but Rohit insists on making them talk to Ruhi.

When Rohit sees Abhira, he assumes she’s a guest and greets her. Abhira offers to make him hot chocolate, and they agree to search for Armaan together. Ruhi confronts Armaan about his marriage to Abhira, accusing him of lying and breaking her trust. Armaan tries to explain his helplessness, but Ruhi feels betrayed and hurt.

The cousins gossip about Abhira, and Rohit scolds them for not valuing their relationships. He introduces Abhira as their Bhabhi, but Ruhi objects, claiming she’s now Rohit’s wife. Armaan clarifies that Abhira is just his “namesake” wife, but Ruhi doesn’t believe him.

Ruhi wipes away her tears as Abhira enters the room. Rohit serves them hot chocolate and tries to lighten the mood by mentioning his dream of a double date. Abhira and Ruhi remain silent, lost in their thoughts.

Vidya and her family discuss Abhira and their disapproval of the marriage. Vidya vows never to accept Abhira, while Madhav and Manoj argue that Armaan’s support will protect her. Manisha points out that Vidya would have accepted Rohit’s wife if he had married without their consent, highlighting the bias towards family.

Ruhi tries to sleep, but Armaan enters her room, concerned about Abhira’s presence. He sits in the kitchen and cries, reflecting on the situation. Abhira joins him, and they both share a moment of sadness.

Precap: Dadi announces that only Ruhi’s “mu dikhai” ceremony will take place. Vidya questions whether Abhira’s ceremony can be held too. Armaan encourages Ruhi to become friends with Abhira.

Overall, the episode revolves around the complex relationships between Armaan, Abhira, Ruhi, and their families. The theme of trust and betrayal runs throughout, as characters struggle to reconcile their expectations with reality. The episode ends with a hopeful note, as Armaan tries to bridge the gap between Ruhi and Abhira.

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