Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Armaan scolding Ruhi, who is overwhelmed with emotions and expresses her pain. She talks about her struggles, feeling alone, and being tossed between the Birla and Poddar families. Armaan is desperate to fix everything and seeks guidance from Ruhi on how to make her feel better. Abhira observes the exchange.

Abhira brings glucose water for Ruhi, who drinks it. Dadi, recalling Manish’s words, switches the lamp on and off. Madhav brings Vidya to persuade Dadi to let Ruhi live freely. Armaan listens to their plea.

The next morning, Dadi apologizes, acknowledges Ruhi’s right to decide her life, and sets a condition for her to stay committed to her responsibilities in the house. She mentions the tradition of a daughter-in-law leaving and returning in a palanquin, symbolizing her acceptance of the decision. Ruhi decides to stay, and Dadi agrees but warns her against leaving again, even if Rohit returns. Armaan is left contemplating the outcome.

Dadi later hugs Ruhi and calls her a daughter. Armaan finds Abhira’s notepad, where he reads about her hopes for her mother’s recovery and her belief in Rohit’s return. A month later, Abhira celebrates clearing her 4th-year exams, and Armaan congratulates her. Abhira teases Armaan for being slow, and they share a lighthearted moment.

In the next scene, Armaan brings fruits for Ruhi, and despite her reluctance, he insists she eats. Vidya and Dadi appreciate Armaan’s efforts, while Abhira criticizes Ruhi’s dependence on family support. Abhira suggests that Ruhi needs to grow up and face life on her own.

In the precap, Sanjay scolds Krish, Abhira discourages him from becoming a lawyer, and Armaan gets into an argument with Sanjay. Dadi intervenes and shouts, “Enough.”

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