Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode opens with Armaan waking up and finding Abhira sleeping. He tries to wake her gently, but she imagines Akshu and remains asleep. He helps her up when she stumbles, and she eventually wakes up.

Meanwhile, Rohit helps Ruhi unpack and settle into her new room. Their chemistry is evident as they share playful banter. Abhira also arranges her belongings, but drops her makeup kit, creating a small mess. Kiara arrives and gives Abhira a toothbrush, hinting at Armaan’s mistake.Downstairs, Dadi is enraged by the two dupattas meant for “mu dikhai” ceremonies. Vidya explains that she wanted to include Abhira, but Dadi throws the dupatta and refuses to accept her as a daughter-in-law.Abhira remains tense in her room, refusing to eat anything. Armaan tries to convince her, but she insists on handling things herself. Kajal arrives and asks Abhira to make sweets for her first “rasoi” ceremony. Abhira questions the point of pretending, knowing their marriage is forced.Dadi further asserts her dominance, declaring that only Ruhi’s “mu dikhai” will occur. She dismisses Abhira and warns Rohit to respect her decisions. However, Kajal encourages Abhira to cook, stating that’s her duty as a wife.Armaan tries to support Abhira, but Dadi continues to taunt them both. Abhira refuses to sit at the dining table, feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Dadi uses this opportunity to further criticize her.Later, Abhira makes noodles in the kitchen, unaware that everyone is watching. Dadi arrives and is initially offended by the “junk food” choice. However, Abhira politely offers her some, which Dadi ultimately refuses.Alone in the kitchen, Abhira breaks down in tears and drops the noodles plate. Vidya and Ruhi discover the mess and reprimand Abhira for her actions. Dadi uses this incident to fuel her anger and demand Abhira’s removal from the house.Sanjay proposes sending Abhira to a hostel, but Dadi worries about potential financial demands. Armaan intervenes and pleads with Dadi to show compassion, reminding her that their family is not heartless.Precap: Abhira and Ruhi dance together, but Abhira’s saree falls off. Armaan rushes to fix it, leading to another confrontation with Dadi.This episode highlights the tension and conflict within the family. Dadi’s rigid traditionalism clashes with Abhira’s independent spirit, creating a challenging dynamic. Armaan’s efforts to bridge the gap between them are met with resistance, and Abhira’s struggle to adapt is evident. The upcoming “mu dikhai” ceremony promises further drama and potential reconciliation.

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