Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Armaan pleading with Dadi to accept Abhira. He emphasizes that Abhira is not a mistake but his responsibility. Sanjay remains skeptical, advising Armaan to cancel the marriage to avoid further damage to their family’s reputation. However, Armaan remains adamant, requesting that Abhira be allowed to stay.Amidst the tension, Sanjay receives a shocking video revealing the news of Armaan and Abhira’s marriage. Dadi’s initial anger melts away as she realizes the media frenzy surrounding the situation. Vidya sees an opportunity and urges Dadi to allow Abhira’s “mu dikhai” ceremony to appease the guests.Armaan brings Abhira noodles, sensing her hunger. Initially hesitant, she opens up about missing her life in Mussoorie and her mother. Armaan reveals that he had learned about the taste of the noodles at her resort, prompting Abhira to thank him. As he prepares another bowl for himself, Abhira invites him to share, acknowledging his lack of food for a long time.Later, Armaan finds Ruhi in tears and attempts to comfort her. He confesses that his marriage to Abhira is a one-year contract, shocking Ruhi. He explains that neither of them wants the relationship and will file for divorce once Abhira becomes independent.Ruhi expresses concern about the impact on the family, but Armaan assures her that he can tolerate it for Abhira’s sake. He reveals his guilt and responsibility for Akshu’s death and promises to fulfill her wish of making Abhira a lawyer. He urges Ruhi to keep the secret and support Abhira as her friend.Ruhi reluctantly agrees to help, unsure how to navigate her conflicting emotions. Meanwhile, Abhira observes Manisha and Manoj watching her from the doorway, feeling uncomfortable under their scrutiny. Later, she witnesses the entire family observing her, leading to an argument with Krish.Vidya gives Armaan and Abhira new clothes for the ceremony. She expresses her disappointment and anger at Armaan for breaking her trust, but ultimately asks him to nurture their relationship. She emphasizes the importance of Abhira fulfilling the role of an elder bahu by keeping the family united.Despite Armaan’s insistence, Abhira refuses to attend the “mu dikhai” ceremony. She fears Dadi’s taunts and believes it’s unfair to be subjected to scrutiny for their sake. Armaan tries to convince her, but she remains adamant.Downstairs, Sanjay welcomes the guests and introduces them to Ruhi, who hides behind a ghunghat. When the guests ask for the elder bahu, Abhira’s absence creates an awkward silence.Armaan presents Abhira with a dupatta, but she throws it away, refusing to participate. The commotion draws everyone’s attention, and the ladies gossip about Abhira’s rebellious behavior.The episode ends with Abhira and Ruhi dancing together. However, Abhira’s saree accidentally falls off, prompting Armaan to rush and save the situation. Dadi witnesses this incident and erupts in anger towards Abhira.The upcoming precap hints at further conflict as Abhira’s actions continue to provoke Dadi’s disapproval. The dynamics between the characters remain complex and full of tension, with Armaan struggling to bridge the gap between his family and Abhira.

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