Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Charu gets upset with Armaan

The episode unfolds with Abhira dancing joyfully, captivating everyone around her. Vandu playfully nudges Armaan to join the dance floor, and soon, both Armaan and Abhira share a dance, creating a lively atmosphere. Vandu encourages Armaan to enjoy the celebration while Abhira revels in the festive spirit, acknowledging that Makar Sankranti has become a joyful occasion.

During the festivities, Dadi distributes candies, and Abhira, in a playful moment, throws one into the air. Armaan swiftly catches it, and Abhira teases him, declaring that her Makar Sankranti has turned into a happy one. As they dance, Abhira commends Bhoomi’s songs and expresses her gratitude for the cheerful celebration. Bhoomi, in turn, extends her wishes to the family, emphasizing Abhira’s pursuit of dreams and Vandana’s enduring passion for music.

Vidya suggests sharing a meal, but Vandu expresses concern about the situation at home, longing for Kunal’s presence. Abhira suggests making kites, reminiscing about crafting them with her mother. The family enthusiastically begins making kites, each with a unique message. Amidst the joy, Vidya tears up, and Armaan consoles her. Manish reflects on his two daughters—one hesitant to leave her in-laws’ home, the other absent.

Abhira, acknowledging her status as Ruhi’s sister-in-law, refrains from approaching Manish. Armaan and Ruhi observe the emotional moment. Vidya, determined to lift spirits, encourages everyone to inscribe messages on their kites. Dadi writes Rohit’s name on her kite, and Armaan creates a candy-shaped design on his, symbolizing his fond memories.

Tara approaches Vandu, prompting Sonia’s jealousy. Pammi expresses gratitude for the warm welcome and suggests a Mumbai visit. Dadi blesses Vandu and Tara, joking about Tara staying with them permanently. As the family engages in the festivities, Armaan encourages Abhira to pursue her career, fulfilling Vandu’s wish. The celebration continues with dance and music.

The next day, Abhira resumes her preparations for college. Vandu advises Armaan to support Abhira in her endeavors. Abhira, however, remains hesitant, questioning Armaan’s ability to keep his promise. Ruhi intervenes, warning Abhira about potentially ruining Armaan’s life with her decisions. Abhira, unwavering, asserts her commitment to her dreams.

In a heartwarming moment, Abhira, with newfound determination, sets out on her college journey. The family offers their blessings, and Abhira falls at Dadi’s feet, seeking her blessing for the first day of college. Dadi, seemingly disapproving, scolds Abhira. As the family leaves, Abhira runs upstairs, leaving Armaan and Charu in a tense exchange.

Armaan finds Abhira and promises to drop her at college. However, their interaction is marked by a playful argument, showcasing their evolving dynamic. Meanwhile, Charu challenges Armaan’s dedication, leading to a spirited exchange. The episode concludes with Abhira and Ruhi sharing a sweet moment of reconciliation, playing a game to lighten the mood.

In the preview, Armaan presents Abhira with a toy tortoise, wishing her well on her journey. As Abhira steps into the college, a dramatic moment unfolds, leaving Manish shocked and shouting Abhir’s name.

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