Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan gets much attention

The episode commences with Abhira expressing her intention to give Armaan a hug. However, she swiftly changes her mind and leaves. Ruhi reflects on her promise to take care of Abhira and resolves not to break it. Armaan suggests that they prepare for their therapy session later in the afternoon, and they share a lighthearted conversation, exchanging smiles.

Abhira interrupts their interaction, reminding Armaan of their impending schedule. Meanwhile, Madhav questions Vidya about Armaan’s decision to take Ruhi to the therapist instead of Abhira. Vidya speculates that Ruhi might find it easier to confide in Armaan, given their similar ages. Madhav raises concerns about the dynamics between Armaan and Abhira, hinting at the complexities arising from their marriage. Vidya dismisses his worries, asserting her confidence in Armaan’s ability to handle various responsibilities.

Abhira prompts Armaan to accompany her, emphasizing their growing tardiness. In a parallel conversation, Madhav and Vidya engage in a heated argument about Armaan’s role in the family, with Madhav expressing his reservations. Abhira hands Armaan a toy tortoise before they depart. Vidya and Madhav’s disagreement intensifies, with Madhav insinuating potential entanglements in Armaan and Abhira’s relationship.

At college, Abhira arrives and places the toy tortoise on her desk. Armaan, seemingly late, rushes in to deliver notes to Abhira. His sudden appearance attracts attention from students, and the teacher invites him to stay back for an interaction with the faculty. Abhira, visibly agitated, insists that Armaan should go to the office.

The scene transitions to Armaan surrounded by admiring students, leading to Abhira’s frustration. The teacher proposes a student performance, further fueling Abhira’s displeasure. As the students dance and Armaan joins in, Abhira and Armaan share a playful dance, momentarily defusing the tension. However, Abhira’s annoyance intensifies, and she storms out of the college.

At a restaurant, Manish and Suwarna engage in a romantic date. Manish expresses his desire to spend quality time due to his busy schedule. Meanwhile, Abhira confronts Armaan about his casual attitude at her college. He apologizes, understanding the importance of her academic journey. The episode concludes with Abhira insisting that Armaan should never visit her college again, and he promises to abide by her request.

In the preview, Manish overhears troubling news about Abhira, leading to a dramatic moment. Abhira faces a challenge, and Ruhi offers words of strength and admiration for her resilience. Armaan reflects on the differences between him and Abhira.

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