Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhira gets hurt by Dadi’s words

The episode opens with the aftermath of the kulfi party and the tension between Ruhi and Abhira. Ruhi expresses her sadness about Armaan and Abhira’s closeness, while Armaan assures her of their “deal” and promises to help Abhira become independent.

Manish and Suwarna contemplate the situation, wondering if Ruhi is truly happy. Manish considers sending a wedding gift to Armaan and Abhira, but Suwarna prioritizes Ruhi’s well-being.

Abhira’s restlessness leads to an unexpected solution. Unable to sleep in the new bed, she proposes that Armaan share it, emphasizing their “roommate” status. This unconventional arrangement highlights Abhira’s pragmatism and Armaan’s acceptance of their temporary alliance.

The morning brings chaos with Aryan’s fever and the revelation of the secret kulfi party. Dadi blames Abhira for the virus, while Manisha questions Aryan about the unauthorized gathering. Vidya attempts to manage the situation and prepare for Ruhi’s “pagphere” ceremony.

Abhira’s disappearance throws everyone into panic. A flashback reveals Dadi’s harsh words about Abhira not having a “Maayka,” which likely triggered her escape. Armaan frantically searches for her, while the family debates Abhira’s true motives and intentions.

Manisha’s suggestion of using her house as Abhira’s temporary “Maayka” offers a potential solution. This unexpected twist shows Manisha’s empathy and willingness to help despite the family’s disapproval.

The episode ends with Abhira reaching the Goenka house and Manish welcoming her warmly. This unexpected turn of events presents a new chapter in the story, with Abhira seeking refuge in her estranged father’s home.

Precap hints at a dramatic confrontation. Armaan’s frantic search for Abhira and his question about Akshara suggest potential conflict and unresolved emotional baggage. Manish’s welcoming gesture towards Abhira adds another layer of complexity to the family dynamics.

Overall, the episode is filled with suspense, unexpected twists, and emotional turmoil. The characters face difficult choices and grapple with conflicting loyalties. The ending leaves viewers with a sense of anticipation and uncertainty about the future of the relationships within the family.

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