Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Suwarna questioning Ruhi about Armaan’s identity, connecting him to the person she met at the resort. She asks why Ruhi got engaged to Rohit if Armaan is her choice. Ruhi, evasive and determined, asserts that she made the right decision and avoids Suwarna’s inquiries. Suwarna, haunted by memories of Abhi and Akshu, worries about the silence surrounding the situation. Armaan, on the other hand, reassures himself that he won’t repeat his father’s mistakes. He vows to be a deserving son and grandson, prioritizing his family’s happiness over personal emotions.

In a reflective moment, Armaan contemplates the pain he caused Ruhi and believes that Rohit will bring her the love she deserves. Meanwhile, Ruhi resolves to confess her feelings to Rohit, understanding that Armaan might be unable to do so. Abhira, holding a picture of Abhinav, expresses her determination to give everything to her mother, Akshu. They share a poignant moment, making wishes upon a shooting star.

The scene shifts to the dance practice for Rohit’s sangeet. Armaan, claiming a leg sprain, avoids dancing. However, he encourages Rohit and the others, expressing his commitment to participate in the celebration. The family practices a lively dance routine, and Armaan smiles as he watches them. Amidst the festivities, Yuvraj and his men prepare a surprise for Akshu and Abhira.

Akshu and Abhira, en route to their destination, encounter a band and dancing people on the road. Suddenly, they realize that Yuvraj is orchestrating a mock wedding ceremony, dressed as the groom. Yuvraj mocks Akshu, claiming that he has gained a loving son-in-law. Abhira notices the ominous signs, realizing that Yuvraj might have sinister intentions.

Rohit’s sangeet kicks off with lively dance performances by Dadi, Vidya, Manisha, and Kajal. Armaan and the rest of the family join in, creating a joyous atmosphere. Armaan sings and dances, showcasing his enthusiasm for the celebration. During the dance, he subtly brings Ruhi and Rohit together, uniting their hands. Suwarna and Ruhi’s friend observe the emotional exchange. Armaan, overwhelmed, leaves the celebration, and Ruhi follows him.

In a private moment, Ruhi confronts Armaan about his decision and urges him to be loyal to their love. Armaan, torn between love and family pride, recalls his father’s past and decides to prioritize his family’s reputation. Ruhi expresses her unhappiness about marrying Rohit, but Armaan insists that Rohit will bring her happiness. Heartbroken, Ruhi realizes that their love may never come to fruition.

The episode concludes with a tense precap, featuring Armaan questioning Yuvraj about having Abhira’s phone. Yuvraj insists that Armaan must attend their marriage. As Armaan arrives, Yuvraj shockingly shoots Akshu, prompting Abhira to scream in horror.

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