Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update

Sanjay gets angry on Ruhi

The scene unfolds with Ruhi requesting Rohit to accompany her to give bangles to Abhira. Despite the late hour, Rohit notes the lights on in Armaan and Abhira’s room, suggesting they might still be awake. Ruhi emphasizes their unique friendship, distinct from typical husband-wife relationships, and Rohit agrees, highlighting their bond. Meanwhile, Abhira reminisces about playful moments with Akshu, and Armaan joins in, sharing joyous moments with her. They playfully engage in soap bubbles and pillow fights before falling asleep. Ruhi witnesses their camaraderie, feeling a mix of emotions.

Morning reveals a messy room, leading to a playful argument between Armaan and Abhira. Aryan apologizes for opening the mu dikhai gifts, and Dadi scolds Ruhi for her materialistic thinking. The cousins discuss potential honeymoon destinations, with Rohit suggesting they all go together. Despite initial objections, Dadi agrees to their plan, making Rohit and Ruhi’s honeymoon possible. Sanjay faces professional challenges as Manish influences a client against him.

Dadi assures she will resolve the issues. Abhira, maintaining a positive attitude, goes to work while Ruhi receives tiffins for Armaan and others. Sanjay’s frustration grows, leading to an outburst where Krish faces the brunt of his anger. Armaan and Abhira share a light moment as they prepare for the day.

The story progresses with preparations for the reception, where Abhira wears a dress instead of a saree. Dadi blesses Ruhi, and both couples join the party, dancing and enjoying the celebration. However, Sanjay’s anger flares up again, particularly against Abhira and Manisha. Ruhi defends her family, stating that Sanjay is just her Nanu.

As the episode unfolds, tensions rise, and relationships become more complicated, setting the stage for the next developments in this family drama.

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