Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rohit questions Ruhi

The episode unfolds with Abhira asking Armaan to keep the money as a token of appreciation. She assists Krish in starting the car and leaves. Meanwhile, Rohit is shocked to discover a picture of Ruhi with someone and crumples it in dismay. Ruhi, unaware of Rohit’s discovery, innocently questions him about his silence. However, Rohit, perturbed by the image, doesn’t reveal the cause of his distress and walks away.

In another scenario, Armaan coughs in his sleep, wakes up, and realizes Abhira is not beside him. Concerned, he calls her, unaware that she is helping Krish with driving practice. As Krish confesses his fear of failing the driving test, Abhira reassures him. However, Armaan worries about how he will explain Abhira’s absence to the family.

Abhira decides to sit in the back seat to avoid being noticed by the guard during Krish’s driving practice. Their conversation unveils Abhira’s caring nature, and she encourages Krish to focus on his driving skills. Meanwhile, Armaan continues to stress over Abhira’s disappearance. However, the situation takes a turn when Abhira accidentally collides with Armaan, who takes a picture of her.

In the Goenka household, Rohit attempts to decipher the torn picture and discovers a paper heart. Armaan, on the other hand, avoids responding to Abhira’s questions about the mysterious girl from his past, leaving her intrigued.

As the morning unfolds, Ruhi finds Rohit looking distraught. Attempting to fix his broken phone, she questions him about his silence. Rohit, craving honesty, assures her that he values her as a friend and will understand any truth she shares. Ruhi, however, reveals the shocking truth about her past relationship with Armaan.

In the aftermath, Dadi confronts Armaan and Abhira, demanding that they leave the house immediately. Ruhi’s revelation leaves Armaan devastated, and Dadi’s fury intensifies. The turmoil within the family deepens, setting the stage for more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

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