Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 25th november 2023 written episode,Abhira finds a proof

The episode begins with abhira pacifying armaan and giving him a sweet. She says this toffee is our formative years, maybe this toffee allows you in hearing your heart voice. Armaan eats the toffee. She makes a hoop by way of the wrapper and offers him. She says don’t waste it, however twist it, everyday things turn out to be special, and lifestyles’s chaos get peace. He asks what took place. She says i must ask for forgiveness to that character. He thinks perhaps it was ruhi’s name. He tests his telephone and calls ruhi. He says she has blocked me, no.

Abhira says this happened because of me, i m sorry. He says its okay, its not your mistake, don’t experience guilty. She says please tell me a way to undo this. He says you want to assist me proper, best, assist me by means of telling your truth, i heard one aspect story, i came here to recognise your side of story. She scolds him.

She says reality is simply one, yuvraj has confused me, stalked me and made my existence hell, you would possibly have now not requested him the proof for his innocence, you came right here to ask for proof. He says i m not so insensitive. She tells him approximately yuvraj’s terrible movements. She says you go and tell him, i m no longer terrified of him, his cash, strength and attorney, you need to listen it out, he has touched me without my want. She tells him. She says you can’t keep him, i have the fact with me. She is going.

Manish explains ruhi. He says we are like advisory board, you are the ceo of your lifestyles, its on you to simply accept or reject the advice, you’ve got longed for family and relations, poddar own family is right, rohit will hold you happy. Ruhi thinks of armaan. He says if this relation doesn’t have your happiness then… ruhi shouts yes, its my sure to marry rohit. Suwarna says you preferred a man. Ruhi says i didn’t apprehend distinction among love and enchantment, its over. Madhav comes home. He thank you the youngsters. He hugs them. Manisha and every body come. All of them take care of madhav. Vidya sees madhav. Sanjay says we all got scared for you, maasa has stored a pinnacle health practitioner on standby, in case you need something, just name me. Madhav says i have a lovable own family, i don’t need something, thank you. Kajal asks him to take rest. Vidya gives medicines to madhav. Madhav says i received’t wait for maasa, she could be ready if you want to recognize about me, cross and tell her that her son is k. Dadi hears this and goes.

Abhira asks what will we do in next listening to. Akshu explains her. Abhira says we need god’s help. She prays. Armaan thinks yuvraj’s medical reports say that alcohol was there in his blood at the day of coincidence, he lied to me. He enters yuvraj’s room. He sees the pc and some cds saved there. He sees abhira written on it.

He recollects abhira’s words. He receives angry. Abhira gets a name. She says i can simply come. She runs. Akshu concerns. Manish is on name with dadi. He asks did madhav come domestic. Dadi says sure. Manish says you have to come to take ruhi home, ruhi has said yes. She says congrats to both the families. He says yes, true success and happiness will doubt. Anyone teases rohit. Rohit hugs vidya. Abhira asks for gupta ji’s garments shop.

She meets gupta ji and says you referred to as me, you had visible the twist of fate. He says no, a visitor had seen it and recorded it, he gave me this pendrive, it would get justice for someone. He gives her the pendrive. She sees yuvraj using the automobile. She thank you him. She thinks now no person can shop yuvraj from going to prison. Armaan remembers yuvraj. He sees abhira jogging on the street. He stops the automobile. He follows her. A drone comes there and drops a observe for abhira. Armaan seems on. The note flies. Armaan catches it and reads the threatening observe from yuvraj. Abhira appears at him.

Ruhi and rohit’s roka is finished. Ruhi thinks its vain to watch for armaan. Armaan says i came to take you to courtroom competently. Abhira says no need, he can take us to a few other location.

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