Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 26th november 2023 written episode

The episode begins with abhira saying this can appear with me always, i’m able to’t tolerate this if it happens with my mum, they could kill my mum, i want to shift to delhi, how can you aid yuvraj. Akshu comes and asks are you quality. Abhira says sure, i were given a proof in opposition to yuvraj. Akshu says armaan, you here… abhira name callings him. She says he did a mistake. He says mistake was going to happen, but the truth got here out, this is the proof that yuvraj is the wrongdoer. They see the blood test reports. Akshu goes to bless him. He steps back and folds palms.

He says sorry, i couldn’t become an amazing scholar, lawyer or person. He goes. Jagrat asks why did you ship the drone and letter to that lady. Armaan comes and catches yuvraj. He scolds yuvraj. Yuvraj smiles and says yes, i simply love abhira. Armaan beats him. Jagrat asks how dare you boost hand on my son. He asks yuvraj are you quality. Yuvraj says armaan, you’re my legal professional, you could’t move, abhira is mine, i will marry her. Armaan says you received’t marry abhira, received’t get unfastened from this case and i m not your lawyer. Jagrat asks will you go in opposition to your circle of relatives, this case is imp for your firm, will you break family call and harm your dadisa’s coronary heart. Armaan leaves.

Dadi asks kiara and charu to come and assist them. All of them tease rohit. Vidya asks him to move and get equipped. Rohit says i m already so good-looking. Dadi says cross and get ready, we are becoming a quite bahu for you. All of them tease rohit and chortle. Madhav comes. Manoj and rohit make madhav take a seat. Madhav says its rohit’s shagun, you didn’t ask, but i am hoping i will get invited. Manisha says don’t experience terrible, no one asked me. Dadi asks vidya did mata chunri come.

Vidya says sure. Dadi says goenkas would be coming, i don’t ask however inform, its rohit’s first rasam nowadays, i don’t like sour almonds and phrases. Manisha says we may want to have were given ruhi’s marriage constant with armaan, proper. Kajal thinks. Armaan says akshara mam taught us that truth is bigger than every relation, i will persuade dadi but ruhi first. He calls ruhi. He says ruhi, please unblock me. Surekha says ruhi looks pretty. Manish says adventure is long, stepping back is difficult, don’t take step one till your coronary heart consents, nothing is imp to us than ruhi’s happiness, what’s the problem.

Ruhi asks how can i be glad, i will get married and leave my lovable circle of relatives. She hugs manish. He says each person will preserve you glad and love you, come. Ruhi says i can just come. She smiles. They depart. Ruhi cries and says armaan, you don’t deserve my tears, i won’t consider you, you broke my coronary heart, i can consider my circle of relatives, own family in no way takes a incorrect selection.

The lighting fixtures go off within the inn. Abhira receives akshu’s name and says yes, the lights went off, i had paid the invoice, i can take a look at the electricity grid. Akshu says inverter is there. Yuvraj comes there and walks behind abhira. She stops. He is about to preserve her. A goon points gun at akshu and follows her. Abhira feels scared and turns.

She sees akshu. Akshu asks why didn’t you take a look at the grid. Abhira says you may additionally do it, what are you doing here. Akshu says i got here to test evidence. Abhira says me too. The lighting get on. They see the pendrive’s damaged portions. Akshu asks who did this, who had come, yuvraj…. Abhira says we had one evidence against yuvraj, what will we do in court the next day. Sanjay says i’m able to’t consider that armaan can go in opposition to us, he left the case and he has beaten yuvraj. Dadi argues with madhav. Vidya says i feel armaan did this for a reason. Sanjay says whatever the cause, a legal professional can’t enhance hand on his patron. Vidya says communicate to him. Sanjay calls armaan and scolds him. Armaan argues.

Sanjay says the whole lot is in our want, why do you need to lose the case. Armaan says i have finished investigation, akshu and her daughter are right, they run a small lodge but live glad, i spoke to abhira. Dadi remembers abhira. Armaan says fact also exists. Dadi ends the call. Armaan calls sanjay. Vidya says communicate to him, maasa. Dadi asks did he communicate before figuring out, i can decide now, after the rasam ends, sanjay will move there and fight yuvraj’s case. Vidya sats communicate to him once. Dadi says we received’t talk approximately it, its rohit’s big day, i just want to don’t forget his alliance, not armaan’s mistake. Armaan thinks dadi got disenchanted with me. He gets the sweet and recalls dadi’s phrases.

He says i have allow you to down, whilst you recognise the truth, you may say i did proper by using helping abhira. Goenkas arrive. Vidya welcomes them. Rohit greets them. Ruhi additionally greets dadi and vidya. Vidya compliments her. Sanjay says that’s madhav, rohit’s dad. Manish says we couldn’t meet you in mussoorie, how are you. Madhav says excellent. He blesses ruhi. Abhira knocks the door and asks yuvraj’s driving force to open the door. She says i recognize yuvraj had exchanged the seat. He asks her to go away. She explains him, and says i in no way had my dad, i miss him, your child will leave out you, please inform the reality to your infant’s sake. He sees his spouse and daughter. He is going to open the door. He says you leave. Abhira receives unhappy.

Ruhi and rohit’s roka is performed. Ruhi thinks its useless to watch for armaan. Armaan says i got here to take you to courtroom properly. Abhira says no need, he can take us to some other location.

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