Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rohit and Armaan’s clash

In the room, Armaan finds Abhira and engages in a banter with her. Abhira teases him about the scent of cigarettes, but Armaan denies it, stating that no one smokes in their house. They share a playful moment, and as Armaan attempts to stitch a pair of red socks, Abhira asks him to take them away.

The next morning, Dadi appreciates Armaan for securing a significant case for their firm. She hands him a toffee as a gesture of goodwill. Armaan, however, notices a cigarette smell on Rohit when he approaches him. Armaan suspects Rohit of smoking and suggests that he can handle the case. Dadi insists that Armaan should guide and support Rohit in handling the case.

Rohit expresses his reluctance to take on the case, leading to a confrontation between Armaan and Rohit regarding trust and responsibility.

In a tense moment, Rohit expresses his anger towards Armaan, accusing him of spoiling everything and ruining their relationship. Armaan, confused and hurt, demands clarity from Rohit, asking him to explain what has gone wrong. Rohit, overwhelmed with emotions, refuses to disclose the details. Armaan persists, attempting to get Rohit to open up, but the situation escalates.

As the confrontation intensifies, Rohit, caught up in the heat of the moment, inadvertently slaps Armaan. The shocking turn of events leaves everyone present in the scene in utter disbelief. The slap adds a layer of complexity to their strained relationship, creating a tense atmosphere among the characters.

The emotional turmoil intensifies as Rohit, disturbed by his actions, retreats upstairs, leaving Armaan in tears. The poignant track “Tera Yaar Hoon Main” plays, accentuating the pain and complexity of their relationship. Abhira provides comfort and solace to Armaan, while Ruhi tries to console Rohit.

Armaan, grappling with a sense of helplessness, reveals that Rohit has turned to smoking as a coping mechanism for the stress he is experiencing. The characters confront the challenges within their relationships, and Abhira urges Armaan to contemplate their next steps.

Rohit, visibly distressed, decides to leave, but a sudden revelation adds another layer to the unfolding drama. A box of cigarettes falls, catching everyone’s attention. Dadi, already upset with the family’s situation, confronts Rohit about his habits, expressing her disapproval. Armaan steps in, claiming ownership of the cigarettes to shield Rohit, leading to a heated confrontation with Dadi.

The family dynamics reach a boiling point as emotions run high, and Dadi expresses her frustration with the ongoing drama within the household. The scene ends with tensions escalating and the family grappling with the challenges that have emerged.

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