Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2023 Written Episode

The episode starts with all people seeing ruhi. Aryan says armaan was speaking to ruhi in mussoorie. They say he desired to repair ruhi and rohit’s relation, we can inform him. They move and tease rohit. Akshu thinks we haven’t any witness or evidence, where is abhira. Abhira comes. Akshu asks what did the driver say. Abhira says not anything, we will lose the court. All of us takes rohit and ruhi’s photos. Surekha asks sanjay why are you worried. Sanjay says not anything like that, i was checking my flight timings, i m leaving for mussoorie today. Ruhi remembers armaan. Manish remembers abhira.

Krish calls armaan. Kiara says nanisa gets angry. Ryan says we can show ruhi to armaan. Armaan takes the decision. He asks is dadi disillusioned with me. Aryan says we’ve got a wonder, new bhabhi is right here. Armaan says i m not there, show me how they both look. Krish says have persistence. Krish goes to expose armaan. Rohit smiles and says bhaiya…. Dadi asks them to start the rasam. Krish disconnects. Armaan says i can’t take a danger with the aid of scary dadi, i leave out rohit. Rohit messages him, i miss you too. Armaan chats with him.

Vidya asks rohit to preserve the phone. Rohit says i m speaking to bhaiya, he could be very imp and he isn’t here. Suwarna says its properly to see this, you adore your brother a lot. Manish says elder brother is the first buddy of existence. Rohit says my brother is the satisfactory, in case you met him first then you definitely could have the alliance for him.

He says ruhi, you would have fallen in love with him if you met him, mum and dadi fear for me so i m getting married first. Dadi asks rohit what’s he doing, he wants to do rasam or not. Rohit says of route sure. Everyone laughs. He smiles seeing ruhi. Vidya does the roka rituals. Ruhi thinks of armaan. She hugs manish. Manish says congrats. Dadi says we need to maintain their engagement the following day. Manisha says that’s a extremely good concept. Dadi says someone else will take this selection. Manisha says thank you, you gave me a lot imp. Dadi asks ruhi to decide.

Rohit says say no if you need. Ruhi nods. Every body claps. Dadi says then the engagement is the next day. Sanjay says we are there to assist in arrangements. Manish says we are able to manage it. Rohit asks ruhi are you sure. She nods. Its morning, abhira says we haven’t any witness or proof. Akshu says warfare is won by braveness also, wherein did our automobile cross. Abhira says shyam took the car, he had to shop for vegetables. Armaan comes. He says i’ve come to take you to courtroom. Abhira says no need, we are able to move on own. Akshu says he got here to take us. Abhira says we can’t believe him. Armaan says i didn’t do something which you agree with me, please trust me.

Akshu says one receives values from mum and guru additionally, my teachings didn’t lose. She blesses him and says i m happy with you. Abhira says this won’t assist, we haven’t any witness or evidence, we are going to lose the case. Armaan says reality by no means loses, i’ve left yuvraj’s case, i don’t assume he can discover a good attorney in one night. They come to the court and notice sanjay. Sanjay scolds him for cheating the own family and career. Armaan says they’ve performed dishonest, they’re criminals, our circle of relatives don’t guide criminals. Sanjay says like father, like son, you didn’t get sense after getting scolded via maasa. Armaan recollects dadi’s words.

Akshu says it’s a courtroom case, don’t complicate private members of the family. Sanjay says yes, you live faraway from our circle of relatives be counted. Abhira gets a message. Yuvraj says don’t get angry, when a lady comes in among, one loses mind, don’t fear, we will win. Armaan scoffs his over self belief. He scolds yuvraj. Sanjay says i’m able to store him, that is my enjoy, i didn’t lose any case until now. Abhira says you will lose the primary case of your existence, get equipped.

Within the court docket, armaan asks akshu did abhira get any message. Akshu says i don’t realize what evidence she were given, i simply wish she is secure. Sanjay says they didn’t deliver any strong proof in opposition to yuvraj, he is innocent, he didn’t do some thing. Abhira comes and says he did a homicide. Sanjay says don’t lie within the court docket. Abhira says the courtroom witness is pronouncing this. She receives motive force there. They get bowled over seeing kamal. Kamal says i need to alternate my announcement. Jagrat says he took 10 lakhs and now he wants to alternate the declaration, don’t know why.

Kamal says i wasn’t using, yuvraj threatened me and pressured me to take the blame by means of giving me cash. The choose says yuvraj is accountable for anurag’s dying, and punishes him with 10 years of imprisonment. Yuvraj is greatly surprised. The hearing ends. Yuvraj scolds kamal and says i can kill you. Armaan stops him and says you want to boom your punishment. Inspector holds yuvraj’s hand. Yuvraj gets irritated and says i’m able to see all and sundry. Armaan says you need to see the prison walls for 10 years, you are available in 2033. He asks inspector to teach yuvraj now not to see any lady. He stares at yuvraj.

Yuvraj involves abhira and says absolutely everyone is dancing in our sangeet. Dadi says we can hold sangeet and then marriage. Ruhi says i m prepared to marry in days. Armaan comes domestic.

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