Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Dadi warding off Armaan’s evil eye. Armaan expresses his remorse about annoying her, but Dadi clarifies that she is not upset; rather, Rohit has won a case. Armaan suggests that Dadi should dance, to which Dadi playfully warns him of potential slaps. Despite the warnings, everyone urges Dadi to dance, and she eventually smiles. Armaan joins Dadi in the dance, and soon, everyone joins in the celebration. Armaan inquires about a missing girl, prompting Rohit to ask for his help in finding her. Suwarna observes the scene. Meanwhile, Ruhi, feeling neglected by Armaan, decides to forget him and cries. Armaan unexpectedly appears, and both are shocked to see each other.

Armaan smiles and notices the engagement ring, pausing in realization. He wipes away his tears, and Rohit introduces Ruhi to him as his brother’s fiancĂ©e. Rohit emphasizes the connection between them and encourages them to talk. Armaan introduces himself, and Rohit leaves to attend to something else. Ruhi questions the significance of shaking hands and leaves abruptly. Rohit returns, asking about Ruhi’s whereabouts. Armaan explains that someone called her, and Akshu starts singing, triggering memories and emotions for Abhira, who walks away. Abhira confides in Akshu about feeling scared and requests her to leave the city for her sake. After some resistance, Akshu agrees.

Ruhi shouts in frustration and cries, stumbling in her distress. Armaan appears and holds her hand. Ruhi confronts him about not calling her and breaking promises. Armaan defends himself, explaining that he lost her number and tried to find it, narrating a case in Mussoorie that required his attention. He shows call logs and voice notes as proof. Armaan expresses his feelings, highlighting Ruhi’s lack of trust. Ruhi, in tears, questions why she agreed to get engaged to Rohit in just two days. Armaan tearfully asks her why.

In the precap, Yuvraj informs Abhira about their sangeet, leaving her shocked. Ruhi and Armaan discuss convincing the family, but Armaan drops a bombshell, expressing his inability to marry Ruhi and suggesting she marry Rohit instead.

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