Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Yuvraj calling Armaan and insisting that he must attend Abhira and his marriage, expressing anger over the earlier slap. Yuvraj threatens to make someone pay for Armaan’s actions, vowing to make that person cry blood tears. After the call, Yuvraj reveals Abhira tied to a chair, signaling his sinister plans.

Meanwhile, Dadi urges Ruhi to join the mehendi celebrations. Armaan, agitated and determined, grabs the car keys and leaves. Vidya, taking on the role of a mother-in-law, assures Ruhi that she will apply shagun mehendi with Rohit’s name. Ruhi, emotionally overwhelmed, cries, and Vidya reassures her that Rohit will bring immense love into her life. Yuvraj, alone with Abhira, hints at his dark intentions and expresses his desire for an aggressive Abhira after marriage.

On the way, Armaan prays for Abhira’s safety, while Abhira, tied up, manages to kick Yuvraj and scold him. Frustrated, Yuvraj slaps his henchman and orders them to release Abhira and bring Akshu. Abhira continues to resist, refusing to let Yuvraj’s threats affect her.

Dadi talks to Armaan on the phone, trying to dissuade him from leaving. Rohit expresses his disappointment about Armaan’s absence at his marriage. Armaan, conflicted and worried about Akshu, promises to attend the sangeet and rushes towards the hospital. Yuvraj, with Akshu at gunpoint, confronts Abhira, taunting her and revealing his dark plans. Abhira, desperate to save her mother, reluctantly agrees to marry Yuvraj.

At the sangeet, tensions rise as Rohit questions Armaan’s priorities. Vidya and Madhav try to explain the importance of duty over family. Ruhi, tearful, confides in Suwarna about her love for Armaan and the pain of marrying Rohit. Suwarna encourages Ruhi to reconsider, emphasizing the power of sindoor. Ruhi, however, remains steadfast in her decision, determined to marry Rohit and keep her love for Armaan in her heart.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj orchestrates a mock wedding ceremony for Abhira and himself. The situation becomes dire as Abhira tries to resist, and Akshu signals her to escape. Armaan, aware of Yuvraj’s intentions, rushes to the hospital and confronts the police, urging them to take immediate action.

In a shocking turn of events, Yuvraj threatens Akshu and Abhira. Armaan intervenes, urging Abhira to run, but she insists on going through with the marriage to protect her mother. Yuvraj, brandishing a gun, creates a tense standoff. The police arrive, and Abhira and Akshu plead with Armaan to leave. Yuvraj, in a moment of recklessness, shoots, and Akshu takes the bullet. Abhira screams in horror.

In the precap, Akshu, with her final breaths, urges Armaan to marry Abhira to save her life. Abhira and Armaan exchange vows in the hospital ward. Meanwhile, Ruhi and Rohit’s wedding takes place.

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