Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira convinces Rohit to come back

In the latest episode, tensions within the Poddar family reach an intense crescendo. Vidya struggles with the chaos, asking Aryan to be quiet while Manisha expresses her concerns about Dadi. Abhira, recalling Armaan’s harsh words, signals Ruhi to leave. Armaan, overwhelmed with emotions, steps outside, reminiscing about Rohit’s departure and Dadi’s condition. Abhira follows him, offering solace and advising him to relax.

As Armaan gazes at Abhira, memories of Dadi’s warnings flood his mind. He regrets bringing Abhira into the family, labeling it as his most significant mistake. Abhira, heartbroken, packs her belongings and confides in Akshu’s picture. She narrates the family’s taunts and her determination not to be a burden. Abhira faces a dilemma – whether to leave or stay considering the family’s ongoing crisis.

Meanwhile, she spots a car outside and rushes to Madhav, proposing a plan to track Rohit through toll tags. Using her detective skills, Abhira contacts a hotel and discovers Rohit’s recent stay. Excitedly, she requests to speak with him. Rohit, grappling with emotions, receives Abhira’s call, bringing a glimmer of hope.

Abhira pleads with Rohit to return, citing Dadi’s illness, the family’s distress, and Armaan’s condition. Rohit, listening silently, ends the call, leaving emotions to swell. Madhav, questioning if Rohit has been found, is met with uncertainty. Armaan, desperate for Rohit’s return, awaits the news.

Dadi interrupts the suspense, announcing that Rohit has messaged her. The family, relieved, gathers to hear Rohit’s message. In the message, Rohit apologizes for leaving abruptly, acknowledging the family’s love. He requests them not to blame themselves, clarifying that his departure and return were personal decisions. The family, delighted by the news of Rohit’s return, eagerly awaits his arrival.

Dadi, however, hints at revealing the reason behind Rohit’s departure. Armaan and Ruhi share a meaningful glance, and the atmosphere is filled with curiosity. The episode ends with Rohit at a temple, seeking divine blessings, and discovering the Cancel marriage papers, hinting at a complex twist in the tale.

The precap teases further suspense as Abhira instructs the family to become Rohit’s universe, while an inspector delivers concerning news about Rohit meeting with an accident, intensifying the family’s worries.

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