Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhira gets blamed

The Episode continues with Dadi suggesting they play a game while waiting for Rohit. She suggests a game where everyone has to reveal a secret, thinking it might bring Rohit back. Abhira gets tensed, recalling her own secrets. Dadi insists, and the family reluctantly agrees.

During the game, various family members share lighthearted secrets, trying to lighten the mood. Manish shares a humorous incident from his college days, and Aryan talks about a crush he had. The atmosphere becomes lighter, but Vidya and Abhira are still anxious.

As the game progresses, Dadi asks Abhira to reveal a secret. Abhira hesitates but decides to share a lighthearted secret about her fear of spiders. The family laughs, and the tension eases a bit. However, Dadi persists in asking Vidya to share a secret. Vidya feels uneasy but manages to share a simple childhood memory.

Meanwhile, Rohit is seen wandering alone on the streets, lost in his thoughts. He recalls the recent events and seems disturbed. Back at the house, the family continues with the game, hoping for Rohit’s return.

The Episode continues with the passage of time, and it’s now 3 am. Vidya is shown sitting worried about Rohit, and the rest of the family members share her concern. Manisha and Kajal try to reassure Vidya, saying that nothing will happen to Rohit. Abhira, in the midst of the tension, asks Ruhi to take her medicine, expressing her belief that Rohit will return. Manish and Armaan observe the situation.

Dadi takes the initiative and decides to call Rohit. Armaan also makes an attempt to reach out to Rohit’s friends for information. The family members, feeling helpless, discuss what they can do to find Rohit. Surekha suggests taking some action for Rohit, emphasizing his status as their son-in-law. Manish, however, believes that Madhav should handle the situation.

Abhira notices the collective worry in the family and becomes concerned.

In the episode, Abhira suggests filing a police complaint to find Rohit. Sanjay is hesitant, stating that it could bring disgrace to the family. Abhira insists on finding Rohit and Sanjay decides to wait a little longer. Dadi supports Abhira’s idea of filing a police report, and Madhav agrees to contact the police.

However, Sanjay is concerned about how they would explain Rohit’s disappearance to the police. Abhira argues that the police must find Rohit. Meanwhile, Manisha overhears Aryan talking about a serious conversation between Rohit and Abhira. She informs the family that Rohit left because of Abhira, accusing her of not wanting good things for the family.

Vidya questions Abhira about Rohit’s departure, and she denies knowing anything. Sanjay blames Abhira for the situation, and Suwarna asks Abhira what she told Rohit. Abhira maintains that she said nothing. Vidya, emotionally distressed, asks Abhira why she is causing trouble for the family. The family demands answers from Abhira, holding her responsible for Rohit’s disappearance.

In the episode, Abhira gets dizzy, and Armaan takes her aside to question her about Rohit’s disappearance. They argue, with Armaan warning her about the consequences if anything happens to Rohit because of her. Vidya and the family confront Abhira, blaming her for Rohit leaving the house. Abhira defends herself, suggesting that there might be other reasons for Rohit’s departure and challenging the family’s values.

Amidst the heated exchange, Dadi gets a box, and Abhira pleads with her not to take it. Dadi, however, pushes Abhira away, insisting that nothing is more important than finding Rohit. Abhira is visibly distressed and pleads with Dadi to return the box, but Dadi remains adamant.

In the precap, Abhira expresses her frustration as everyone blames her. Manish mentions that Goenkas’ daughters also suffered, and Ruhi hints that Rohit may have discovered their secret, leading to his departure. Armaan is shocked, and Abhira watches the unfolding drama.

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