Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Surekha calling out for Ruhi. Armaan and Ruhi conceal themselves behind the curtains. Surekha wonders where Ruhi has gone and leaves. Ruhi suggests that Armaan should reveal everything to Dadisa and everyone, expressing their love for each other and acknowledging that she has no right to the engagement ring. He takes the ring, and she encourages him to face the difficult conversation, emphasizing that their love is their right. Ruhi holds his hand and leads him. Meanwhile, Manish mentions calling Ruhi, but Dadi assures him that girls take time for touch-ups. Suwarna prays for Ruhi.

Dadi notices Rohit, and Armaan observes the scene. Dadi expresses her joy over Rohit’s engagement, stating that she has gained immense happiness in that moment. Rohit consoles her, and Vidya praises Ruhi, declaring that they couldn’t have found a better match. Dadi emotionally acknowledges that she won’t regret dying, and Kajal assures her a long life. Rohit questions the sentimental atmosphere, and Vidya attributes it to him, leading to a warm hug. Armaan, deep in thought, envisions conversations with Dadi, Vidya, and Rohit, shedding tears when they disappear. He opens his eyes and faces his family.

Ruhi urges Armaan to confront the situation. He hands her the ring and departs. Meanwhile, Akshu gives a book to Abhira, urging her to fulfill her dream of completing law studies and practicing, making a promise to Saraswati Maa. Abhira agrees, stating her commitment to becoming a lawyer. Armaan sits in his room, visibly upset. Ruhi confronts him, asking why he can’t marry her. Armaan confesses that nothing is more important to him than his family, not even Ruhi. He asserts that he can’t break their hearts, emphasizing that his family comes first. Ruhi questions why his family wouldn’t understand, recalling Dadi’s words. Armaan expresses his love for her but insists on the separation for the sake of his family. Vidya enters, and Armaan signals Ruhi to leave.

Akshu, holding hospital papers, recalls her past sacrifices for Abhi and Abhir. She tearfully accepts that she must leave everything again for Abhira’s sake. Abhira packs a bag and contemplates her plans. Yuvraj expresses his desire for freedom and announces his intention to marry Abhira in front of her mother. Ruhi stumbles, and Armaan restrains himself. Vidya supports Ruhi, and the scene shifts to the stage, where Jaane wo kaise… plays. Armaan watches Ruhi on stage with Rohit, and Vidya leads him away for pictures. He stands beside Rohit and eventually departs.

In the precap, Armaan questions Yuvraj about having Abhira’s phone. Yuvraj insists that Armaan must attend their marriage. Armaan arrives, and Yuvraj shoots Akshu, prompting Abhira to scream.

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