Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Yuvraj and his henchmen fleeing, prompting the arrival of the police. Armaan emphasizes the urgency of taking Mam to the hospital. Manish, feeling uneasy, ponders the cause. The inspector instructs the staff to apprehend Yuvraj. Armaan and Abhira rush Akshu to the hospital. Armaan disputes with the doctor, urging swift action. The doctor inquires about Akshara’s condition. Abhira discloses that she was shot, prompting the doctor to advise immediate arrangements for blood units. Emotionally distressed, Armaan reflects on the values imparted by Akshara and prays for her.

Manish senses an inexplicable concern despite everyone seeming fine. Akshu regains consciousness and, aware of her surroundings, requests a phone. She contacts Manish, addressing him as Bade Papa. Manish is startled, dropping a glass. Akshu acknowledges the lingering barrier between them, but she needs to convey crucial information about Abhira. However, Manish, refusing to acknowledge any connection, dismisses it as a wrong number. Akshu, determined to inform Manish, implores him to listen, but he rebuffs her, expressing that she is dead to their family.

Recalling Yuvraj and Abhira, Akshu continues to pray for her daughter’s safety. Armaan reassures Abhira while she blames him for the predicament, asserting that her mother’s life could have been spared if not for his interference. Yuvraj and his goons appear, prompting Armaan to hide Abhira. The tension escalates as Abhira pleads to go, and Armaan, resorting to unconventional measures, restrains her. Yuvraj searches for Abhira but is deceived by Armaan’s disguise.

Armaan later unties Abhira, explaining the necessity of his actions. The plot thickens as Suwarna discusses Ruhi’s marriage with Manish, who remains resolute in his decisions. Meanwhile, Akshu, in critical condition after surgery, urges Armaan to marry Abhira to fulfill her final wish. The episode concludes with Armaan marrying Abhira and Ruhi tying the knot with Rohit in the upcoming events.

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