Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Armaan contemplating the gravity of the situation involving Abhira, Akshu, and Ruhi. Akshu poses a question to Armaan, prompting Abhira to interject and adamantly reject the idea of marrying him. Despite Abhira’s refusal, Akshu insists on discussing the matter. Abhira suggests consulting a doctor to treat her mother’s apparent mental state.

Akshu, weakened by her condition, convinces Abhira to participate in a simple decision-making game of rock, paper, scissors. The emotional scene is interrupted by the arrival of a doctor who administers a crucial injection. Abhira, distressed, pleads with Akshu to wear a mask, but Akshu reveals that the doctor’s efforts are in vain. Akshu then implores Abhira to agree to the marriage with Armaan. Meanwhile, celebrations are underway at Rohit’s pre-wedding festivities, featuring dancing and rituals.

Suwarna attempts to perform a traditional ritual involving Rohit but faces resistance, leading to a comical exchange. The family realizes that Armaan is absent from the festivities. Armaan, haunted by Akshu’s words, washes his face, contemplating the unfolding events. In a heart-wrenching conversation with Ruhi over the phone, he attempts to convey the inexplicable situation but is interrupted by the news of Ruhi’s imminent marriage.

Armaan, overwhelmed with emotions, ends the call and returns to Akshu’s side. The doctor updates them on Akshu’s critical condition. In the next scene, Rohit joyfully welcomes Ruhi on the stage for the wedding rituals, while Abhira and Armaan exchange varmalas in a subdued atmosphere. The precap hints at the culmination of events with Rohit and Ruhi’s marriage and Armaan tying the knot with Abhira. Simultaneously, Manish experiences a foreboding sense of loss and collapses, and Akshu, in her final moments, blesses Abhira and Armaan before passing away.

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