Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan breaks down

The scene unfolds with Abhira observing everyone in tears. Manish escorts Armaan into the room, while Sanjay supports Manoj who is overcome with grief. Sanjay suggests preparing for the final rituals, but Dadi vehemently opposes, declaring that Rohit’s last rites will not take place. Kajal and Manisha attempt to make her face the reality, but Dadi insists that she knows the truth, asserting that Rohit is alive and well. She leaves the room with a firm conviction.

Surekha expresses concern about Kaveri’s unwillingness to accept the truth, emphasizing the need to consider Ruhi’s situation. Armaan, deeply moved, approaches Ruhi who is seated in despair. Their eyes meet, both sharing the pain of their loss, with the melancholic melody of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” playing in the background. Abhira steps in, offering glasses of water to both Ruhi and Armaan.

As night falls, Armaan is restless in his sleep. He awakens to the haunting cries of Rohit calling for help. In his dreamlike state, he witnesses Rohit sinking into the depths of water. Overwhelmed, Armaan experiences sleep paralysis, freezing in fear. Abhira, disturbed by his condition, calls out to him, attempting to bring him back to reality. She explains the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and encourages him to confront and express his grief. Armaan finally breaks free from the nightmare, and Abhira consoles him as he holds back tears.

Unable to sleep, Armaan leaves the room, determined to prepare for Rohit’s legal case. Abhira urges him to embrace the pain, suggesting that he should allow himself to cry today so that he can find solace tomorrow. Armaan acknowledges shedding tears, but Abhira points out that those tears were for the family’s sake. She encourages him to cry for himself and the loss of his brother. Armaan, still holding onto the hope fueled by Dadi’s words, dismisses Abhira’s suggestion. Undeterred, she plays soothing music, attempting to create an atmosphere for Armaan to release his emotions. He questions her choice of music, but Abhira insists that he needs to let out his grief. She offers a blanket, urging him to cry for Rohit and lighten his heart. Armaan, covered by the blanket, finally allows himself to weep, holding onto Abhira’s hand.

The morning brings a busy kitchen, with Vidya and Manish engrossed in cooking. Suwarna observes Manish’s emotional state and consoles him, emphasizing the importance of letting the pain flow out. Vidya, determined and hopeful, continues cooking as if expecting Rohit’s return. Armaan, accompanied by Dadi and Manisha, suggests Vidya take a break and have some food. Vidya insists on making food, expressing that Rohit enjoys the meals she prepares. Armaan, concerned about the uncertainty of Rohit’s return, persuades her to eat the prepared food.

Kajal and Manisha attempt to intervene, but Vidya, upset, drops a spoon and accuses Armaan of thinking she loves Rohit more than him. Dadi instructs Manisha and Kajal to escort Vidya away, leaving Armaan in tears. Abhira approaches him, offering comfort.

Sanjay discusses Rohit’s upcoming legal case, highlighting that Armaan needs to present the closing statement. Manoj suggests assigning someone else, but Sanjay insists that Armaan should witness his brother’s victory. Dadi agrees, affirming that Armaan must go to court. Abhira hands a candy to Armaan, mentioning that the curd is finished but offering the candy as a substitute.

In the next sequence, Dadi organizes a puja for Rohit’s return, insisting that Armaan and Abhira participate. The ladies present taunt Ruhi, and in response, Armaan reprimands them. Ruhi, overcome with sorrow, breaks down in tears.

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