Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Manish extending his congratulations for the smooth completion of Ruhi’s varmala ritual. Vidya questions his statement, but Suwarna explains that there has always been a hurdle during this particular ritual. They share lighthearted moments and jokes, with Manish expressing his wish for Ruhi and Rohit’s everlasting happiness. The pandit invites Akshu to perform the kanyadaan, and she tearfully gives Abhira’s hand to Armaan. Simultaneously, Manish hands Ruhi’s hand to Rohit, and Charu ties the ghatbandhan.

As Rohit and Ruhi take the wedding vows, the atmosphere is filled with emotions, and the families celebrate the union with teasing and laughter. Armaan and Abhira complete the necessary paperwork for their marriage. However, when it comes to the mangalsutra and sindoor, they face a momentary hiccup. Akshu, sensing their concern, assures them that Kanha ji will not let their marriage remain incomplete. Miraculously, sindoor is found in the nearby temple, and Armaan fills Abhira’s maang, while Rohit does the same for Ruhi.

The joyous atmosphere takes a sudden turn when Akshu’s health deteriorates, and machines start beeping. Abhira is shocked, and Manish collapses, expressing a sense of restlessness. Everyone rushes to attend to them. Ruhi, worried about her father, shares her fear of losing her family in a moment. The family assures her of their love and support, and Suwarna promises to be there whenever Ruhi needs her. The Bidaai ritual begins as the family bids farewell to Ruhi, urging her to call whenever she misses them.

In the precap, Ruhi stumbles during the grahpravesh, leading Dadi to consider it a bad omen. Abhira expresses her reluctance to truly become Armaan’s wife, emphasizing that their relation is only on paper. Armaan is left contemplating her words.

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