Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira overhears Ruhi and Armaan’s talk

The scene unfolds with Abhira insisting that Armaan should have the toffee. He appreciates her gesture, consuming the toffee. To his surprise, he finds a toy tortoise in it, and Abhira jokingly refers to it as a good luck charm. Armaan teases her, labeling her as mad. She encourages him to fight for Rohit’s case and wishes him luck as he prays.

As Armaan prays, Abhira notices him and pretends to scream, questioning his sudden return. Armaan explains that his mother hasn’t eaten since yesterday, and the entire family’s efforts have been in vain. He requests Abhira to feed his mother, to which she questions why Vidya would listen to her. Armaan, considering her as a temporary guest, apologizes for asking and leaves.

Abhira approaches Vidya, urging her to have food. Initially, Vidya refuses, but Abhira persuades her, dedicating each bite to Rohit. Vidya tearfully consumes the food, and Abhira consoles her with a comforting hug. Meanwhile, Ruhi, in her despondency, sleeps on the couch. Abhira notices her sadness, knocks on her door, and attempts to comfort her.

The next morning, Armaan is late returning home. Manisha expresses concern about his tardiness and implies a connection between his delay and Abhira’s presence. Armaan arrives, and Dadi, Sanjay, and others eagerly inquire about the outcome of Rohit’s case. Armaan joyfully announces Rohit’s victory, and Dadi applauds the achievement. Armaan suggests giving the appreciation and toffee to Rohit, but they realize the toffee box is missing.

Panic ensues as they search for the missing toffee box. Abhira faces suspicion, but she vehemently denies taking it. The search proves fruitless, leaving everyone perplexed. Armaan assures that he will find it, and tensions rise.

Ruhi enters, and Dadi questions the absence of her mangalsutra, insisting that Rohit is alive. Ruhi, in tears, dismisses Dadi’s assertion and walks away. Armaan follows her, expressing sympathy, but Ruhi requests him to leave. Abhira observes Armaan’s discomfort and wonders about his reaction.

Later, Armaan and Abhira engage in a playful argument as they sit together. Abhira suggests doing something for Ruhi, but Armaan insists she focus on her responsibilities. He holds her hand, encouraging her to sleep. Abhira, feigning exhaustion, jokes and kicks him playfully. Eventually, they both fall asleep.

The following morning, Vidya advises Ruhi to apologize to Dadi, emphasizing the need for mutual support. Armaan and Abhira join the family downstairs. Dadi instructs Armaan and Abhira to participate in the puja arranged for Rohit’s return. Manisha taunts Ruhi for her mistake, and Dadi clarifies that she loves Ruhi and wants her to rest.

Abhira and Armaan, now a curious duo, are seen engaged in a conversation. Dadi decides to organize a puja for Rohit’s return, explaining the rituals to the family. She assigns tasks to the family members, and Abhira expresses gratitude to Manisha for supporting Ruhi. Despite the acknowledgment, Manisha maintains her reservations about Abhira.

In the upcoming episode, tensions escalate as Dadi scolds Armaan and Abhira, preventing them from participating in the puja and instructing them to leave.

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