Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vidya performing the aarti and tilak for Rohit and Ruhi’s welcome. However, Ruhi stumbles during the ritual, and Dadi expresses concern. The kalash falls upside down, leading to the belief that it’s a bad omen. Dadi insists that Poddar bahus can’t make mistakes, and Manisha suggests holding a puja to rectify the situation. Tensions rise as Dadi becomes upset.

Meanwhile, Abhira proceeds with Akshu’s last rites, and Armaan and Kipling observe. Abhira and Armaan reminisce about Akshu, who appears to them and imparts a message of bidding a farewell with tears today and welcoming smiles tomorrow. Abhira tearfully lights the pyre, and when she starts feeling dizzy, Armaan tries to support her. However, she pushes him away, insisting he stays away.

The scene shifts to a discussion among family members, where Manish and Vidya talk about ancestral jewelry. Vidya suggests that Ruhi should receive the bangles, emphasizing the responsibilities of a wife in making a man responsible. Later, Ruhi is given the bangles, and Dadi expresses her expectations for Ruhi to be the leading bahu.

In another sequence, Armaan tries to console Abhira, who resents his sympathy and holds him responsible for her mother’s death. Yuvraj and his goons appear, and Armaan takes Abhira away to protect her. Abhira agrees to go with him but sets conditions for their relationship, stating that it will remain on paper, and she will never become his real wife. Armaan agrees to the conditions.

The precap reveals that Dadi announces a surprise from Rohit, and both Rohit and Ruhi arrive home. Armaan also brings Abhira home, shocking everyone by declaring her as the new bahu of the house.

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