Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira rushes to meet Manish

The episode begins with Ruhi lost in her thoughts about Rohit. Manisha goes out for shopping, and the ladies in the house, noticing Ruhi’s sadness, start taunting her. Armaan watches the scene unfold. Meanwhile, Sanjay encounters Krish and scolds him, suggesting that he should replace Rohit. Krish firmly believes that Rohit will return and refuses to entertain the idea of taking Rohit’s place in the family business. Sanjay, dismissive of Krish, belittles him, labeling him as a perennial loser.

Kajal intervenes and defends Krish, emphasizing the bond between him and his elder brothers, Armaan and Rohit. Sanjay continues his derisive remarks, but Kajal manages to put a stop to it. Armaan defends Ruhi when Manisha apologizes, pointing out how the ladies were speaking to her.

Later, Abhira and Armaan hold hands, and she inquires about Ruhi’s condition. Armaan reassures her that Ruhi is fine. Dadi contemplates whom to invite for the upcoming puja – Vidya-Madhav, Sanjay-Kajal, or Manisha-Manoj. Abhira, dressed and ready, joins them, holding Armaan’s hand. She questions him about the market incident. Armaan suggests that Dadi may have chosen them for the puja due to a momentary lapse in judgment caused by grief. Abhira expresses her intention to pray sincerely for Rohit.

Meanwhile, Ruhi, still in distress, recalls the hurtful taunts from the ladies. Armaan assists Abhira in tying her saree pleats, and she playfully jokes with him. Ruhi contemplates the loneliness she feels despite being in a large family. Abhira playfully challenges Armaan to reveal his secrets, and he confidently asserts that no one can make him spill the beans.

In another scene, Manish, recalling the past, signs some papers and starts feeling unwell. He collapses on the floor, and Suwarna and Surekha rush to his aid. They call the doctor, and Armaan and Abhira get ready for the puja.

Abhira answers Ruhi’s phone and overhears Suwarna and Surekha talking about Manish’s health. Concerned, Abhira decides to go to Manish with Armaan, believing they don’t have time to waste. Krish notices that Armaan and Abhira are not in their room. Dadi questions their absence, and Armaan and Abhira rush to Manish’s room. They learn that Manish has had a mild heart attack.

Armaan and Abhira express concern for Manish, but Dadi and the family seem upset. Abhira requests to stay with Manish, believing her presence brings him joy. Dadi scolds them, but Manish appreciates Abhira and blesses her. Meanwhile, the doctor advises keeping Manish happy. Armaan pleads with Dadi to let Abhira stay, emphasizing that Manish finds happiness in her company.

Abhira promises Manish that she won’t reveal his condition to Ruhi. Dadi and Sanjay are displeased with Abhira’s presence. Abhira and Armaan return home, and Dadi stops them, instructing them not to participate in Rohit’s puja.

In the next episode, Armaan consoles the cousins, and Dadi catches Abhira with a hockey stick.

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