Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode continues with Armaan reassuring Abhira that he won’t try to become her husband, and they agree on their deal. Meanwhile, Rohit faces a playful traffic jam created by his cousins, who ask for money as a prank. Rohit obliges and jokes with them. Later, Manisha suggests that now that Rohit is married, they should think about Armaan’s marriage. Rohit, on entering his room, finds Ruhi and compliments her, leading to an understanding conversation between them. Abhira, on seeing her house, gets emotional and holds Akshu’s picture, reminiscing about her mother.

Armaan receives a message from Rohit and recalls Akshu’s demise, expressing his emotions. He calls Vidya, who reassures him and asks him to return soon, missing Rohit’s wedding. Abhira questions Armaan about what he will tell his family about her. Armaan suggests that they will figure it out when they get home. Yuvraj, still furious, vows to find Abhira, considering her to be his possession. Sanjay informs Armaan about Yuvraj’s anger and frustration.

The next day, Vidya and Manisha guide Ruhi in her first rasoi rasam, where she impresses everyone with her cooking skills. Armaan and Abhira reach a hotel room, and Abhira questions Armaan’s decision to bring her there. Armaan explains that he can’t reveal their situation to his family at the moment. Meanwhile, Dadi, at home, forgives Ruhi for the previous day’s mistake and expresses her fondness for both Armaan and Rohit.

In the precap, Dadi announces that Rohit has a surprise for everyone, and both Rohit and Ruhi return home. Armaan introduces Abhira as the new bahu of the house, leaving everyone shocked.

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