Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira and Armaan encourage Aryan

The episode begins with Dadi expressing her anger towards Armaan and Abhira, insisting that Sanjay and Kajal should perform the puja instead. Abhira suggests letting Armaan participate, but he stops her, and Dadi raises her voice. Sanjay and Kajal proceed with the puja while Abhira and Armaan observe from a distance. The family engages in prayer, hoping for Rohit’s return.

Armaan and Abhira, unable to participate directly due to Dadi’s restrictions, find a spot where they can still witness the puja. They pray for Rohit’s safe return. Meanwhile, Krish and others persuade Aryan to play in the hockey match. Initially hesitant, Aryan is encouraged by Abhira, who shares the story of Akshu and insists that Armaan take responsibility for Aryan, as Rohit would have. Abhira motivates Armaan to step up for Aryan’s sake, reminding him of the impact it will have on Rohit.

Armaan convinces Aryan to play for Rohit, and Aryan expresses his concern about Rohit not returning. Armaan assures him and encourages him to play and win for Rohit. Krish points out that Dadi would be upset if she discovers this, but Armaan decides to keep it a secret to avoid upsetting her.

Abhira, preparing to leave for the match, convinces Ruhi to accompany them. Abhira receives a call from Manish, but she lies to Ruhi about the call. Meanwhile, Armaan and Aryan share an emotional moment, and Armaan encourages Aryan to play his best.

Abhira manages to convince Ruhi to join them for the match. Armaan, Abhira, and Ruhi set off, with Armaan and Abhira sharing a song and a moment of camaraderie in the car. They hope for a positive outcome in the hockey match.

Back at home, Sanjay and Manisha inform Dadi about Armaan and Abhira’s absence, but Dadi seems too preoccupied to comprehend the situation. Armaan shows Ruhi a place where he and Rohit used to visit, seeking to share some of Rohit’s memories with her. However, Ruhi feels hurt and expresses her emotions.

Aryan expresses his desire for his special hockey stick given by Rohit, but it’s lost. Armaan tries to console him, suggesting they find another one, but Aryan insists on the one Rohit gave him. Abhira decides to put Rohit’s picture on a new hockey stick, turning it into a special one for Aryan. Meanwhile, Dadi gets emotional as she catches the decorated hockey stick with Rohit’s picture and a red thread. She encourages Aryan, assuring him that Rohit’s presence is with him, and they share a touching moment as a family.

In the upcoming episode, Abhira and everyone celebrate by dancing. Ruhi notices an incoming call on Abhira’s phone and scolds her, expressing her displeasure about Abhira taking Manish’s attention.

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