Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Rohit savoring the delicious kheer. Meanwhile, Armaan calls him and instructs him to respond with a simple yes or no. Armaan queries if Rohit is with everyone at the dining table, and Rohit confirms. Armaan urges him to finish breakfast quickly and join him at the hotel. Rohit agrees and messages Armaan, expressing concern about his well-being. Armaan reassures him and urges him to come soon, citing a friend leaving for the US as the reason for his urgency. Dadi intervenes, insisting that Rohit cannot leave without retrieving the kalash from the temple. Vidya suggests Rohit collect the kalash first and then meet his friend. Rohit seeks Ruhi’s company to the hotel, and despite some teasing from his cousins, he obtains permission to talk to Ruhi privately. Vidya encourages Ruhi to go with Rohit, and she agrees.

As Rohit heads to the temple, he asks Ruhi if she can go to the hotel to meet Armaan. Armaan, meanwhile, rehearses how to inform Dadi about the marriage, acknowledging that no one in the family will be happy about it. As Armaan opens the door to leave, he receives a message. Abhira stumbles and falls into his arms, and her mangalsutra gets entangled in his shirt button. Despite her assertion that she can manage, Armaan takes charge, removing the tangled mangalsutra. Ruhi witnesses this, recalling Armaan’s earlier words. Armaan apologizes to Abhira and proceeds to get her phone. Ruhi leaves the room, and Armaan is shocked to see her.

At the hotel, Armaan and everyone are on the way, while Rohit jokes about the family’s expected reaction. Abhira is in tears, and Armaan is apprehensive about Dadi’s anger. They discuss Dadi’s likely response and the shock the family will experience. Abhira worries that Dadi might hate her. Upon reaching home, Rohit sees everyone upset. Abhira thinks about how Dadi dislikes her. Dadi notices the tortoise toy and asks Kiara to keep it away, but Vidya suggests keeping it with the aarti plate, considering the tortoise as one of Vishnu’s avatars. Rohit senses Ruhi’s longing for her family. Armaan hands tissues to Ruhi, and the cousins continue their teasing.

As they arrive home, Rohit notices everyone’s somber mood and jokes to lighten it. Abhira is in tears, and Armaan expects Dadi to be furious. Rohit informs Dadi about the surprise he has in store. Vidya comments on his earlier happiness, and Armaan arrives home. Abhira stumbles, and Armaan supports her. Rohit suggests they look cute together, and they all head inside. Rohit and Ruhi open the door to everyone’s anticipation, and the lights go off. The episode ends with Abhira and Armaan entering the room, shocking everyone. Vidya is about to drop the aarti plate, and Abhira rushes to catch it, revealing herself as the newlywed. The family is left in shock as Dadi questions Armaan about this unexpected development.

In the next episode’s preview, Madhav asserts that Abhira is their bahu now, and her grahpravesh ceremony takes place, leaving Ruhi emotional.

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