Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Ruhi learns about Manish’s heart attack

The episode begins with Armaan reminiscing about the accusations from Dadi and Ruhi. Meanwhile, Manish watches Aryan’s hockey match and expresses concern to Suwarna about the possibility of Poddar family falling apart if Ruhi is left alone. Suwarna worries about what would happen if Ruhi is left alone, and Manish questions the family’s strength.

The Poddars return home after Aryan’s victorious hockey match. Armaan thanks Abhira for her support. However, Abhira and Armaan engage in a humorous banter, with Armaan requesting her to return the “thank you” he had given earlier. The light-hearted moment turns awkward as Abhira gets pushed towards Armaan, catching Ruhi’s attention. Ruhi witnesses Manish’s incoming call on Abhira’s phone and questions her, accusing her of lying.

Ruhi confronts Abhira, accusing her of taking Manish’s attention and lying about the call. Abhira is unable to reveal the truth about Manish’s health, and Ruhi continues to express her displeasure. Armaan intervenes, and Abhira stops him from disclosing the real reason. Ruhi insists on knowing the truth and expresses her anger towards Abhira. The family gathers, and Vidya questions Abhira’s motive in associating with Ruhi’s family. Kajal and Manisha press Abhira to reveal the nature of her conversation with Manish.

Manoj checks his phone and informs the family that Manish suffered a heart attack but is now stable. He learned about it from a common friend, and Abhira had kept it a secret to avoid causing tension for Ruhi. Ruhi rushes to meet Manish, with Abhira and Armaan following her. Ruhi is relieved to find Manish in good health and expresses her concern about his well-being.

Suwarna scolds Armaan for his actions, blaming him for the chaos in Ruhi’s life. Armaan looks at Ruhi, who is visibly upset. Suwarna accuses Armaan of ruining Ruhi’s life and causing her pain. Armaan witnesses Ruhi’s tears and is deeply affected. The emotional atmosphere intensifies as Ruhi, Armaan, and Abhira deal with the aftermath of the revelation.

Suwarna continues to blame Armaan for Ruhi’s distress, stating that he is the biggest mistake in her life and the reason for her suffering. The trio shares a moment of sorrow as they witness Ruhi’s emotional turmoil. Armaan and Abhira offer tissues to Ruhi as they all cry together. The pain and heartbreak linger as they continue their journey.

In the next episode, Manish discusses Ruhi’s future with the family, expressing his concerns about her being left alone. Suwarna questions the Poddars’ decision, and Dadi insists that Rohit will come back. Armaan and Abhira engage in a heated argument.

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