Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhira gets rebuked

The episode continues with the aftermath of the family turmoil. Kajal and Vidya work to pacify Dadi, while Rohit, burdened with the cigarette box, is advised to retreat to his room to calm down. Abhira questions Armaan’s decision to take the blame for Rohit, expressing concern about encouraging Rohit’s negative behavior. Armaan, steadfast in his support for his brother, emphasizes the importance of family.

A heated exchange ensues between Armaan and Abhira as they discuss Rohit’s actions. Abhira insists that Rohit should be aware that Armaan won’t always be there to shield him from the consequences of his choices. Armaan, acknowledging Rohit’s worries, defends his actions. The underlying tension in their relationship becomes more apparent as Armaan firmly states that Abhira cannot take the place of his wife.

The scene sets the stage for the continued complexities within the family dynamics and hints at the challenges Armaan and Abhira face in understanding and reconciling with each other’s perspectives.

The family members engage in discussions about the recent turmoil. Manisha places blame on Abhira, while Manoj defends her as someone who stands for the truth. The cousins join in the conversation, with Aryan asserting that Abhira is not responsible for the conflict between Rohit and Armaan. Madhav compares the situation to the bond of Ram and Laxman, expressing confidence that the brothers will find a resolution.

Sanjay acknowledges the ongoing strife between the brothers, and Kajal expresses optimism about their eventual reconciliation. Sanjay, however, attributes the family’s troubles to Abhira’s arrival, sparking concern. Despite Vidya’s assurance that she will handle the situation, Dadi expresses a foreboding sense that significant changes are imminent in the house. Meanwhile, Armaan takes the initiative to talk to Rohit, setting the stage for further developments.

Ruhi informs Armaan that Rohit is not present. Armaan expresses concern for Rohit’s well-being. When he tries to call Rohit, there is no response. Abhira enters the scene and tells Armaan that he is looking for Rohit and is visibly worried. Rohit, on the other hand, is conflicted and recalls Armaan’s previous words. Abhira tries to console Rohit, mentioning Armaan’s love for him. Rohit, however, seems frustrated and asks Abhira for the car keys.

During their conversation, Abhira defends Armaan and accuses Rohit of not understanding the meaning of love and joking. She points out that Armaan loves him a lot and suggests that Rohit should have apologized after the altercation. Rohit remains dismissive, claiming that Armaan doesn’t care about them. Abhira questions why Armaan took the blame upon himself, emphasizing that Rohit is fortunate to have a brother like Armaan, while Armaan is unfortunate to have a brother like Rohit. The situation intensifies as Armaan calls out for Abhira, and Dadi observes the unfolding drama.

Amidst the escalating tension, Armaan asserts that he will decide his fate and challenges Abhira’s understanding of their relationship. The confrontation intensifies as everyone gathers. Armaan intervenes, expressing that he is trying to make things right while Rohit seems to be causing trouble. Abhira, in response, taunts Rohit, which provokes Vidya. Vidya scolds Abhira, questioning her identity and right to pass judgment on Rohit. She emphasizes that Abhira has only seen one side of the family dynamics and instructs her to refrain from lecturing the family. Vidya taunts Abhira and urges her to leave their family alone. Abhira is left in tears. Rohit, affected by the situation, rushes inside the house, and Armaan follows him. The emotional song “Sau Dard Hai” plays in the background, adding to the intensity of the moment. Ruhi observes the unfolding drama.

Amidst the turmoil, Rohit locks himself in a room, seeking a timeout from the intense situation. Armaan, desperate to resolve the issues, apologizes and pleads for a chance to talk. The emotional confrontation continues, with Abhira maintaining her distance from Ruhi’s attempt to console her. Armaan presses Rohit for an explanation, but Rohit declares that he needs a timeout, raising questions about the future of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Madhav suggests Vidya drink milk for a peaceful sleep, but Vidya expresses her concerns about Abhira being a source of disruption in the family. Madhav defends Abhira, stating that they are not supporting her enough, emphasizing that she is trying to adjust despite being different. Vidya, however, remains adamant that Abhira is in the wrong. Armaan and Abhira continue their verbal exchange, with Armaan eventually resorting to silencing Abhira by putting tape over her mouth, enforcing his decision that she shouldn’t communicate with his family.

In a heart-wrenching conversation with Ruhi, Armaan is confronted with the harsh reality that he has sacrificed his love for the sake of his family and Rohit. Ruhi points out that Armaan fears revealing the truth to his family, as he believes they might disown him, causing him to lose their love. She emphasizes that Armaan’s dedication to his family has cost him his love for her, and their relationship has been overshadowed by Rohit’s importance in Armaan’s life. Rohit overhears this conversation and is deeply affected, recalling Armaan’s previous words. Armaan acknowledges that their love couldn’t prevail over his commitment to Rohit’s happiness.

In the precap, Rohit seeks Dadi’s help, hinting at a critical situation. Meanwhile, Armaan’s arrest leaves everyone in the family worried, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding drama.

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