Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira is shocked

In the episode, the situation becomes intense as Abhira and Armaan try to retrieve the box from Dadi’s possession. Unfortunately, during the struggle, the box falls, and its contents break, leading to a heartbreaking scene for everyone. Manish is particularly affected as he picks up the broken items, including a watch and a picture of Akshu.

Dadi, undeterred, takes Akshu’s picture and places it in the box. Abhira, overwhelmed with emotions, goes to her room. Armaan follows her, expressing apologies and empathy for the pain she is going through. Abhira, however, asserts that compromising relationships is a burden, and she is determined to find Rohit on her own.

The episode showcases the emotional turmoil within the family as they grapple with the aftermath of Rohit’s sudden departure and the strained relationships among its members.

In this episode, Abhira attempts to talk to Ruhi and understand if there were any issues between her and Rohit that might have led to his sudden departure. However, Ruhi is defensive and accuses Abhira of spying and trying to put the blame on her. Abhira insists that Rohit spoke nicely to her before leaving and seeks the truth behind his departure.

Meanwhile, Vidya expresses her anguish over Rohit’s absence and demands that he be brought back. Madhav suggests that Rohit may have left by his own choice and will return when he wishes to. This angers Vidya, who taunts him for being indifferent and biased. Dadi questions whether he would have the same attitude if Armaan had left.

In the midst of this, Manish holds his chest in pain and mentions Akshu, leading to concerns about his health. Abhira rushes in, mentioning Akshu, and the family becomes anxious about Manish’s well-being. The episode intensifies the emotional turmoil within the family, highlighting their fears and concerns for both Rohit and Manish.

In this segment, Manish experiences dizziness, and Abhira rushes to support him. Expressing concern, she assures him that she will get water and advises him to sit. Meanwhile, Dadi reflects on the differences between Armaan and Rohit, emphasizing their unique personalities and the challenges of understanding their individual struggles. Vidya is seen in tears, and the family discusses the lack of communication between the sons and Manish regarding their problems.

Abhira shares her perspective with Manish, stating that she often feels blamed in the household, drawing a parallel between her situation and the challenges faced by Goenka family daughters. Manish empathizes with her and expresses a belief that Rohit and Ruhi will find happiness. The episode continues to explore the emotional dynamics within the family, addressing concerns and shared moments of vulnerability.

In this part of the episode, Ruhi expresses her concern that Rohit might have found out about her and Armaan. Armaan dismisses the idea, confident that he would have known if Rohit discovered their secret. Abhira suggests that Rohit might have left in a car, and Armaan checks with Madhav to get details of Rohit’s car usage. The scene unfolds with the characters trying to piece together information about Rohit’s whereabouts, adding to the suspense and tension in the storyline.

Ruhi is overwhelmed with guilt for not reciprocating Rohit’s feelings, despite him being a good and understanding person. Suwarna tries to console her, assuring that Rohit will come back. Meanwhile, Dadi, Armaan, and others are trying to provide support and encouragement, urging her to eat for Rohit’s sake. The emotional turmoil and suspense continue to build in the storyline as they await Rohit’s return.

The tension in the Poddar household continues to escalate as Abhira discovers Dadi injured in her room. In an attempt to check on Dadi, Abhira breaks a glass and hurts herself in the process. The family rushes to the scene, and a doctor is called to tend to Dadi’s injuries. Amidst the chaos, Kiara tends to Abhira’s wound, praising her bravery. However, the situation remains tense as Vidya enters and calls out to Abhira, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats to discover the aftermath of these unfolding events.

In the upcoming episode, tensions rise as Abhira faces accusations and blame from Armaan, leading her to decide to leave the Poddar household. Emotions run high as Abhira packs her bags, choosing to distance herself from the family dynamics that have caused her distress. This decision sets the stage for further developments and leaves viewers curious about Abhira’s future and the impact on the relationships within the Poddar family.

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